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Browse thousands of artworks, connect directly with artists and galleries, and purchase safely with ease and convenience from any device.

  • Visit virtual art fairs and discover new artists and galleries for your real and virtual collection

  • Locate and visit local galleries via our Gallery Tracker GPS

  • Communicate directly with artists or galleries via STARTnet social

  • Create your own portfolio of art and help support and nurture emerging global talent

  • Utilise STARTnet’s frictionless art shipping to world-wide destinations


Artists connect with collectors and galleries around the world. Showcase your work.

  • Connect and share ideas with fellow artists

  • Connect directly with collectors to sell your work via STARTnet

  • Connect and collaborate with artists and brands across projects and commissions

  • Rise within the listings and be featured as a STARTnet Private View artist

  • Utilise STARTnet’s frictionless art shipping to world-wide destinations


Showcase and promote your artists and shows, sell works, and connect with collectors.

  • Attract and engage with the next generation of collectors and discover new artists

  • Promote your gallery and increase visitors through Gallery Tracker GPS feature

  • Use of STARTnet’s promotional packages to plan your art fairs and promote your gallery globally

  • Collaborate with STARTnet through START Advisory and START Partners to promote and sell your artists

  • Use STARTnet’s payment gateway for seamless secure transactions and payments

  • Utilise STARTnet’s frictionless art shipping to world-wide destinations

STARTnet’s core functionality and iteration will grow as we listen and learn. Core functionalities will include:

  • STARTnet Salon – Home and virtual artwork promotion/sales for all artists with rights management - launching 2021

  • STARTnet Private View – Subscription-based members’ section with daily artist and artwork picks - launching 2021

  • STARTnet Gallery – Virtual exhibitions with and for galleries for a global audience - launching 2021

  • STARTnet Fair – Virtual art fair - launching 2021

  • STARTnet Partners – Corporate sponsorship and collaborations -- launching 2021

  • STARTnet Advisory – Art advisory: private and corporate advisory services - launching 2021

  • STARTnet Shop – Unique art merchandise sales - launching 2022

  • STARTnet Image – Image licensing and incremental artist revenues via their back catalogue and archive - launching 2023

  • STARTnet Studio – Media tech deployment and reactive physical space - launching 2023

  • STARTnet Auction – Live and pre-bid global auctions - launching 2024

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