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The need to connect artists, galleries and collectors worldwide has grown increasingly important, especially during this past year.
Founders of PCA (Parallel Contemporary Art) and the Global Eye Programme, David and Serenella Ciclitira have recognised this growing need and focused for the past 2 years on an exciting new project with a partner in Korea to deploy and evolve the technology to their need.

PCA partnered with Seoul-based ARTWA to envision STARTnet and under the careful stewardship of PCA, ARTWA founders Heesun Park and SunJu Lee and the STARTnet team have built the STARTnet platform, which will launch its full global multilingual iOS and Android in May 2021.

STARTnet will be the world’s first one-stop destination for artists, galleries, and collectors worldwide. It is an online platform with a focus on social media to encourage conversation, collaboration and community. It is also a platform to bring together creativity and commerce.

We will protect and promote creative talent offering a voice and digital ecosystem whilst also helping more mature artists and galleries to advance and grow their audience and sales globally.

The dynamic space will be continually evolving to feature powerful mobile sales functionality. The STARTnet omni-channel will showcase news, dynamic content, auctions, collaborations, commissions as well as protect the creative and commercial interests of our artists, collectors and gallerists, creating a win-win for all.

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